Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Nite Brite Lite

During this previous weekend, Knights of bots went to Brics~2~Bots Academy. Our Mentor/Coach (L3GoBots Lady) had discovered someone with a program to work the RCX/NXT Lamp with EV3 Programing. She then enhanced the program a bit and given it to us to come up with some new ideas.
  Our task was to build a household miscellaneous that would improve our lives. So one of us came up with a device that would allow someone to wave there hand which would activate the NXT lamps. When someone wakes up it is 99% of the time to use the bathroom or get a glass of water. Their lights are turned off and they can't see anything. So the wave their hand and.... TA DAA, the lights turn on. When the person is finished all they do is swipe their hand and the lights turn off.
We used the following program and made a program that uses the IR Sensor. For Home kits you can use the IR sensor and for Education you can use the Ultrasonic.

The IR Sensor Block has a Threshold value instead of a distance like the Ultrasonic Block. If you decide to use the Ultrasonic instead of the Infrared switch the block in the program as well as the sensor in the design.

We will soon have a new and improve Nite Light which would have a LDD (LEGO© Digital Designer) file which will allow you to see the steps to build the Nite Brite LiteIf you have not downloaded LDD please do so by clicking ->LDD.

The My block we have inside looks like this:

Due to LEGO not selling NXT/RCX Lamps anymore, if you get the EV3 Power Function Lights and the conversion cord 8" or 20" and use the same program. You can purchase it at LEGOeducation.

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